Want to guess what is your lady love’s mood today? Is it highly difficult for you? Well, not really. Judging her mood is an easy job when you look at her nails. A nail color is an indicator that will definitely reflect her thoughts. If its bright red consider her in a bright mood, if it’s a mundane color for sure she is upset. She is in utter bliss when it’s soothing blue on her nails.  When a woman buys a nail paint, the shape of the nail polish bottle, plays a key role.

The Stunning Look

A nail polish packaged in a nice color is source of joy for a girl, it’s not just the color that attracts her but also the pack in which it comes. Nail polish bottles are designed to attract its potential customers with their shape and elegance. They may be embossed or transparent whatever it is they have their own charm.

Nail polish manufacturing companies understand this clearly and also know that the bottles in which it is packaged directly affects their sales. Hence not only the quality of the bottle should be good but also the shape must be attractive. This is why bottle manufacturers also make nail polish bottles in different shapes and colors. If you have a nail polish manufacturing business, you must partner with a good nail polish bottle manufacturer or supplier.

Nail polish bottles come in many shapes apart from regular round and square bottle shape. There are oval shapes bottle and also bottles with amazing curves. Also, these bottles come in varying sizes.

 Nail Polish Bottle

The material

These bottles are made generally from pure glass or fiber glass so that they provide least adherence space to nail enamels and help utilize the color to the fullest. The materials are chosen with care so that the nail paint inside remains undamaged. The selected materials are tested before molding into shapes. The materials are given importance as women need nail polish bottles mainly to keep their favorite nail color intact in a perfect bottle.


Designed with precision these bottles are eye catchy ones that will for sure be liked by everyone. Some times colors of the bottle caps are bright and bold to ensure they catch attention. These days UV nail polish are much in fashion and these are packaged in specially made UV Nail Polish bottles. Now consider packaging your nail polish in high quality designer empty bottles made by a reliable manufacturer. Nail polish bottles are usually transparent so that the color of nail paint is easily visible. However, opaque nail polish bottles in various nice finishes are also available.

To ensure that nail paint does not leak or drip, you can choose to package your nail polish in a travel safe-travel nail polish bottle. These bottles are much secured and safe. Even these bottles have a shiny look that make them even more attractive. Each of these bottles has a capacity of 8 to 15 ml and a neck size of 13 to 15mm. Such bottles are designed for the global market and the best part is they too comes with special UV coating. You can also find small sized nail polish bottles. These bottles are a perfect fit to carry in office bags or small handbag. The capacity of each bottle is around 8-15ml and they have a shiny look. So, you can now go for a vacation without worrying about nail colors. So, choose such uniquely designed bottle to package the nail polish manufactured by your company.

Along with a special UV coat, these bottles also comes with a silk printing so light penetration is a never to happen thing and color of the nail polish is assured to remain at the pink of its health. Choose a bottle manufacturer that supplies you with the finest material bottle with no reason to complain about anything. Do ensure if they offer after sales service.  In case of any query on nail polish bottles, you must be able to contact the bottle manufacturer and he must be prompt and professional in replying.

Search online to find a known packaging bottle manufacturer. You can also consider China nail polish bottle manufacturer as the cost difference when you compare him with a local bottle manufacturer can be huge. Choose a finest cosmetics bottle packer who is a leading name in the market. In China, there a several import/export companies that manufacture and supply cosmetic packaging bottle worldwide.  You can shortlist a few based on research and online reviews and ask for quote. Some companies also offer trial orders so that the buyer can be sure of the product.

Many nail polish bottle manufacturers also provide customized nail polish bottles as per the need. So if you have any such requirement, you can discuss it with the company. Some companies also do 3D drawing for custom bottles. Also, check if the company offers Best Price Guarantee for the product. These bottles are highly in demand through the globe. These products are ensured with deep processing.

To ensure that your order is delivered on time, choose a manufacturing company with a strong production capacity. Some companies can even manufacture over 3000 kinds of sampling bottles.

These unique designed and cute nail polish bottles are sure to melt your woman’s heart if you choose one or two for gifting her this New Year. However, you need to choose them with utmost care as they will serve a dual purpose- melt your girl’s heart as well as keep her priced possessions safe for years. If you are well aware about her mood swings and preferences, the best way to win her heart is by picking up a customized bottle.

The shape of the bottle must be unique and refreshing. This is well understood by nail polish manufacturers and they consider the packaging bottles as marketing tools. This is why they choose the bottles with a critical eye. They go for stylish bottles that serve the purpose perfectly. They need high-quality, trendy looking glass bottles that are attractive.


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