Vintage perfume bottles

Vintage perfume bottles are exquisitely designed and available in a gorgeous range. Available in a number of shapes, designs, and colours, these perfume bottles are created to hold not just exotic scents but can be looked upon as delicate works of art. The bottle weight, the shape and the surface play a vital role in the final quality of the product.

One needs to remember that it is the look and feel of the perfume bottle that first lures the customer. The consumer would like to purchase not only a great perfume but is also going to own an exquisite vintage perfume bottle. Thanks to modern technology, one can get these perfume bottles designed in any shape and size as specified by the buyer. Quality materials are used to design and make the caps like resin, acrylic, zamac, PP, ABS, MS, aluminium, leather, wood etc. For surface processing, manufacturers make use of heat transfer methods, colour painting, hot stamping, hand polish, fire polish, etc.

Shop from leading manufacturers of vintage perfume bottles who specialise in the manufacturing & designing of these bottles and carry an excellent reputation in the market. Ensured that you get not just a quality product but custom-made designs and professional customer care.

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